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Most organizations have made significant investments in legacy systems and packaged solutions to track their core processes. Today these organizations are under pressure to realize the maximum benefit of this investment. They want to maintain and support the present implementations as well as create Add-on modules and enhancements. And all this is to be done in a cost-effective manner.

HSK Technologies offers Business Solutions to meet the Enterprise needs to realize the maximum benefit of their investment in a cost-effective manner.

HSK Technologies brings a wealth of experience in key areas of Packaged Implementations, customized solutions and creating Add-on components to meet the complete spectrum of business requirements.

At HSK Technologies, we have been successfully developing software components that are reusable in similar business applications by implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA determines the manner in which two computing entities interact, facilitating one of the entities (such as a program) to perform a task on behalf of the other. SOA is the framework that supports communications between services. Each service interaction is self-contained, linked loosely, and independent of any other interaction.

HSK Technologies has demonstrated the development of various components/services that are self-contained, loosely coupled and highly interoperable as defined by the SOA. These components can interoperate based on a formal interface definition that is independent of the underlying platform and the programming language. We can support large complex enterprise applications which are built as services / components based on SOA. These services encapsulate the implementation of Business logic and expose only the interface that is required to communicate with them thereby making them reusable for similar applications.

HSK Technologies reduces the turnaround time and leverages your existing IT assets (reuse and interconnection of resources) rather than investing in expensive reinvention.

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