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Resources & Training

We’ve developed a variety of services that accommodate scenarios where our customers need expert workers for a defined project or period of time. HSK training programs ensure their internal teams stay up to date with the latest technology and best practices.

These services include:

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We are a part of the ever-transforming IT sphere that is characterized by highly passionate, innovative solutions, delivered with utmost agility.

Onsite-Offshore Engineering

Integrating diligence with expertise, we provide a seamless engagement experience with our Onsite-Offshore Delivery Model ensuring continuous operations to help you reduce costs, time to market and increase efficiency.

The way enterprises operate has transmogrified in a pace never seen before. Newer technologies force companies to adapt their processes even before an older wave of transformation has settled down. This fast-changing business scenario requires engagement models to be globalised and retain the core of customer-centricity.

Our Onsite-Offshore delivery model does just that. It enables our experts and clients to work together as one team and share common business objectives. Collaboration of teams is a way of work as we partner real time with our clients to achieve results. We offer clients the best sourcing strategy to meet business needs.

Our Engagement model delivers,

  • Domain and technical experts who ensure the best is delivered to your businesses
  • Excellent infrastructure facilities that you can leverage to get the seal of engineering assurance
  • State of art technology and infrastructure facilities to support the Product Development Life Cycle
  • Stringent and tight quality processes that map our processes with rigor
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The HSK team works with the latest software and technology releases. We use our expertise as early adopters to build relevant and constructive educational programs so your internal teams can quickly master new products and best practices. Our programs are high-energy, interactive, and focus on building skills your teams can use immediately.

We are experts at engaging employee in training by making it entertaining, memorable, and easy to understand. Studies show that people implement what they enjoy learning, what makes them laugh, and what they feel relates to them personally. In this ever-changing IT and business landscape, the most successful organizations focus on training and education programs that keep employee skills sharp, productivity high and user adoption of new systems and processes seamless.

Screened through our proprietary Instructor Quality Model, the experienced learning professionals, part of HSK Technologies Education and Training Services deliver educational programs that help IT teams master new skills vital to organizations today. We combine industry-specific market research with surveys of top performers to give you a high-impact experience that goes beyond best practices. Our programs are high-energy, interactive, and focused on providing tools your employees can use right away.

We believe long-term success requires more than talent. It requires strong, enduring business relationships, a collaborative approach, and the ability to successfully manage client expectations and emotions.

When investing in new infrastructure, the key to implementation and adoption is the ability of the users to embrace the new technologies associated with the solution. During the commissioning process our trainers will assist customers by providing them the knowledge to ensure that they have the confidence to use the solution. Hence optimizing staff productivity and adoption is done, so that the customer achieves the expected return on their investment. Our trainers are highly skilled in a variety of technologies and have wide industry experience in successful adoption, and work closely with the Project Management team to provide a seamless transition to the customer’s new solution.

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Staff Augmentation

Your business needs can fluctuate throughout the course of a year, but keeping up with the staffing changes required can be costly and disruptive. Our staff augmentation services help you easily handle ebbs and flows with highly-trained, specialized staff. Our skilled roster of employees bring a broad range of experience to your company-including IT Applications Development & Management, Web Technologies, ERP/CRM, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management, Artificial Intelligence/RPA, Cloud Technologies and Cyber Security among others.

Going through the time and effort of the hiring process is not always feasible, especially if your needs are short-term and specific. Staff augmentation services allow you to contract our employees for a fixed range of time-enabling you to keep productivity levels high without the long-term commitment that comes from hiring internally. Before assigning a team member to your organization, we get a clear understanding of your goals to ensure the assigned employee will exceed your expectations. Once your goals are defined, we will work together to set the employee’s schedule and the duration of the contract.

Staffing augmentation services provide you with skilled HSK staff to help you handle new projects and cyclical staff shortages, without going through an expensive and time-consuming hiring process. Get in touch today to learn how our skilled staff can provide the perfect fit.

Our customers use this service to fill temporary deficits in resourcing or when they need the flexibility to scale up or down. Rather than invest heavily in recruiting and training for new hires, the HSK team provides highly skilled domain experts who can hit the ground running for immediate ROI.

Key benefits you can derive

  • Reduced total cost of recruitment while securing the best talent
  • Improved recruitment capabilities and shorter hiring timelines
  • Manage dynamic hiring volume changes
  • Leverage global best practices of delivery capabilities
  • Build a comprehensive talent management framework spanning learning, workforce performance and compensation