Shaping the future

Many companies have made significant investments in legacy systems and packaged solutions in order to monitor their core processes. Today, these organizations are pressured to make the most of the investment. They want the current implementation maintained and supported as well as add-on modules and improvements. All this must be done in an affordable way.

HSK Technologies brings a wealth of experience to the core business fields of packaged implementations, tailored applications and additional components.

We have successfully developed software components that can be reused with service orientated architecture (SOA) in similar business applications at HSK Technologies. SOA defines the way in which two computing entities interact, making it easier for one entity (such as a program) to perform a task on behalf of the other. SOA is a framework that promotes communication between services. Each service interaction is self-contained, loosely linked, and independent of any other interaction.

HSK technologies is independently linked and highly interoperable under the SOA definition, has shown the development of different components/services. Such components can be interoperable on the basis of a formal interface specification which is independent of underlying platform and programming language. We are able to support big, complex business applications designed as SOA-based services/components. Such systems cover the implementation of business logic and only provide the required interface to connect with the services so that they can be reused for similar applications.

HSK software minimizes turnaround times and takes advantage of your current IT assets (reuse of resources and interconnections) instead of investing in expensive re-invention.