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Business Process Management

Companies have become aware of the importance of a digital solution which is productive and automated in today’s business environment consisting of fragmented business processes, multiple applications and the emergence of new technologies such as IOT (internet things), combined with advanced analytics.

Companies have become aware of the importance of a digital solution which is productive and automated in today’s business environment consisting of fragmented business processes, multiple applications and the emergence of new technologies such as IOT (internet things), combined with advanced analytics.

The primary objective of a HSK Technologies’ BPM solution is to help organizations maximize their existing technology and human infrastructure by linking existing systems and automating processes.

The following key features are encapsulated with a standard HSK Technologies BPM solution.

  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Business Rules Management system (BRMS)

Key benefits offered by HSK’s BPM solutions:

  • Increased responsiveness to compliance mandates
  • Enhanced visibility & improved process efficiency
  • Eliminate process inefficiencies & Process Automation
  • Social interaction & Dynamic collaboration
  • Greater risk mitigation & reduced OPEX costs
  • Reusable & flexible process blueprints
  • Seamless integration with Enterprise Systems


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Pega BPM allows companies to quickly and easily upgrade their business processes. It enables business users to have a significant role in the development and refinement of processes, which means process improvement efforts in overloaded IT departments are not blocked. Pega BPM also facilitates the automation of process execution in real time by using a powerful corporate event management engine that can trigger interactive or automated process changes. In short, it empowers business users to own their processes and the user experience while enabling effective business/IT collaboration.

We offer a comprehensive set of BPM services for Pega platform

  • End-to-End BPM services
  • BPM Advisory and Consulting
  • Business Process Design and Implementation
  • Functional, Performance and Automated BPM Testing
  • Enterprise Process Architecture
  • Process Design, Modeling, and Prototyping
  • BPM Needs Assessment
  • BPM Governance

HSK’s end-to-end BPM approach treats processes as assets, combines deep domain knowledge with process improvement expertise, change management skills and specialized IT capabilities to provide a comprehensive set of services and solutions. Combining this with deep Pega platform expertise, HSK helps improve clients’ enterprise value and business performance.

As organizations undertake digital transformation efforts, an important realization emerges is process matters! DPA Represents A Big Shift From BPM. The DPA space is a significant expansion from traditional BPM, set apart by an emphasis on low-code development, consumer-grade user experiences, and AI-based innovation.

Pega 7 platform aimed squarely at solving the most complex process challenges, Pegasystems offers a wide and deep set of capabilities, including dynamic case management, robotic process automation (RPA), mobile applications, document management, a no-code development environment, and business decision management that includes machine learning to determine next best action.

At HSK, we improve operational productivity, eliminate internal silos and streamline processes by leveraging our strong ability and significant depth of experience in architecting and building BPM and rules-based solutions. Our Pega certified professionals with rich Pega competencies are driving BPM solutions for clients worldwide. Our expertise in PEGA is supported by a well-developed eco-system that includes experienced architects, developers, testers, business analysts and process architects.


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Organizational automation connects decomposed business processes, various systems, software, and advanced analytics in one chain. The unified platform synchronizes every operation to provide customers with a compelling value proposition. Our IBM BPM Development services bring together people, processes and technology to help companies respond more quickly to dynamic market trends. HSK’s IBM BPM Development Services and Solutions encapsulates certain key features such as Business Process Improvement and Business Rules Management.

HSK Technologies leverages IBM BPM Development Services with an emphasis on development, modeling, implementation and monitoring of end-to-end BPM lifecycles. We help organizations design solutions, develop software and provide continuous support and development for applications.

The focus areas include,

  • Creation and conversion of system models into workflows for smooth implementation
  • Case-based business modeling process
  • Developing services to implement the process
  • Testing of the process model, workflow and implementation
  • Deployment Services
  • Administration of BPM and performance related activities
  • Unified platform to drive innovation and agility

We provide IT solutions that provide our customers with sustainable and specialized value. The IBM BPM Development Services are the area of expertise of our team. Process decomposition of business bridges the gap between Business and IT and makes it simple to drive business automation. IBM’s Business Process Management platform offers a set of robust tools to support all stages of enterprise project development.

HSK Technologies also provides a disciplined Offshore Development facility. We utilize extensive resources on BPM to cater to an array of IBM BPM Development Services. Our BPM solutions are mounted to help organizations maximize their existing technologies and human infrastructure by linking existing systems and automating processes

Key benefits offered by HSK’s BPM solutions

  • Better response to requirements for enforcement
  • Enhanced transparency and reliability of the system
  • System inefficiency removal & Automation of system
  • Social interaction & Dynamic collaboration
  • Improved risk mitigation and OPEX cost control
  • Reusable & flexible process blueprints
  • Enterprise Services smooth integration.
  • Excellent Offshore Development Centre

Appian BPM

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A BPM focuses on the enhancement of business performance by effective management & optimization of a company’s business processes through controlling the business processes. Appian BPM is one of the leading BPM solutions for increasing productivity of workers by automating routine activities and rationalizing operations. With Appian’s PaaS (Platform As A Service) Software, numerous problem-solving solutions can be quickly developed, deployed, used and scale, as Appian comes with the flexibility of cloud and on-premise portability which makes it easier and productive to solve the unique challenges of an organization. We are a renowned as Appian Technology Company that offers unmatched Appian BPM Integration & Implementation service provider.

What We Offer?

  • RPA integration
  • Design and Build for user experience
  • Enhancements
  • Project Launch
  • Advisory Services
  • Appian BPM Implementation

Appian is an ideal choice to create custom mobile applications according to your particular needs, as:

  • It helps to develop and deploy native mobile applications rapidly
  • It has many business tools and user interfaces that operate on mobile and web devices instantly and efficiently
  • It has the ability to manage the process and to build the task effectively
  • It supports multi-channel deployment and rapid adoption

What makes us different?

HSK is leading Appian technology partner that offers BPM Integration & Implementation services and advisory services to customers at highly affordable prices. Built on a wealth of market-aligned processes, our industry expertise along and vast experience across a broad spectrum of development platforms & technologies, our app development services harness this expert capability to develop innovative and pioneering solutions that can take your business successfully in the digital economy with a competitive edge.